3 Car Care Myths That Can Do More Harm than Good

Misconceptions That May Lead to the Premature Need for Auto Repair

There are numerous myths related to car maintenance, and you should keep an eye out for them. Even the best intentions can lead you to spend more money than necessary, or even compromise the safety of your vehicle. As an auto body repair service provider, we feel responsible for letting our people know that not everything they hear about auto maintenance is true. Here are some examples of myths that you should ignore.

Engine Oil Should be Changed Every 3.000 miles

There is no harm in changing the oil of your car every 3,000 miles; however, it’s definitely an unnecessary expense. There are only a few cases in which engine oil should be changed more often than indicated by the manufacturer, and that is when the car is driven in extreme conditions. So, as long as you use your car in normal conditions, there is no need to change the oil more often than recommended.

Inflate Tires to the Pressure Shown on the Tire’s Sidewall

This is definitely a myth you should avoid. The figure on the side of the tire represents the maximum pressure that the tire can hold. It is not the recommended pressure. The real figure must be written somewhere on the fuel-filler door, or a doorjamb sticker. Once you find it, you should know that is the pressure that provides the best balance of ride comfort, gas mileage, handling, and braking.

Top off the Brake Fluid When Is Low

As brake pads wear, the level of the fluid drops a bit. This is perfectly normal, and it helps you monitor brake wear. If the fluid drops below that minimum level, then you have a more serious problem. Topping the fluid won’t help your case. The best thing you should do is have your car inspected in a reliable auto body repair shop.

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