5 Tips to Winterize Your Vehicle

Wish to Avoid Auto Body Repair?

Winterizing their vehicles is necessary for all drivers living in regions with freezing winters. If the cold weather has already set in and you are a car lover, our auto body repair team would like to give you some tips to ensure safe and trouble-free driving.

Winterizing your car is possible with a few simple yet crucial steps. Don’t wait for the first snow storm but follow these tips:

  • Check the battery; You won’t believe what large percentage of the roadside occurrences in the country happen due to a malfunctioning or dead battery. You can get ready for the cold season by scheduling a battery inspection in the nearest auto repair shop. If it is older than three years, ask a professional mechanic to check and test it. The inspection usually doesn’t take long.

  • Check the oil; Although specialists recommend the oil is changed every three months if you drive your car on a daily basis, checking it before the winter comes is a must.

  • Check the brakes; How are the brakes on your vehicle? Have you inspected them recently? If not, waste no more time and have them checked out and tested before the first winter storm hits. After all, you must be sure your car can stop suddenly on a freezing road if needed.

  • Check the antifreeze level; That liquid is mandatory for areas with severe winters. The proper quality and amount of antifreeze will add to your engine’s protection from corrosion.

  • Check the tires; What about them? Winter tires make driving safer and more secure, especially if you need to drive on a snowy and icy road. Remember, they are an important safety feature. If you are unsure what they are or look like, visit the nearest automobile supply store and ask for recommendations.

Do you need more tips and tricks for hassle-free driving? Are you a part of the community in Jacksonville, FL? By turning to an auto body repair shop like Universal Body & Repair Inc, you will get the best quality at affordable rates. To know more about us, just dial (904) 641-1201.