Superior Auto Paint Service

Professional Auto Paint Service in Jacksonville, FL Jobs on automobiles than any other company in the U.S. We are working only with quality materials and a really hard-working team. Your car will be taken care with attention every time in our company. As the matter of fact, if your auto has collision repair damage, has faded or damaged paint, or simply needs to be re-painted to another color, there is probably our location near you that can finish the job. We are based in Jacksonville, FL.

Repainting a car is not an easy job. We have done a great job at imagining the best suitable color for the car and accomplishing the task. Although we do offer some high-quality services that can be a couple of thousand dollars, they are maybe the most famous for their economy paintwork where your whole automotive could be painted at very competitive rates.

If one of the major chain auto paint service centers is not for you, you might want to consider finding low rates shops to provide good work by using other means. One of the easiest ways to discover paint shops that do good auto paintwork at reasonable costs is to simply ask car dealers in your area – especially, used auto dealers.

Universal Body & Repair Inc also provides a reliable, high-quality auto body repair service for the people of Jacksonville, FL. Give us a call today for more information!

Affordable auto paint customization

Used autos dealerships frequently have cars repainted and never pay too much for the service. So, if you ask one of the salespeople nicely, they might be happy to direct you to the shop or person they use for auto paint cars.

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Alternatively, if you happen to observe a classic or muscle car club gathering while out on one of their cruise nights, you might want to ask a few of the members where they get their auto paintwork done. This is particularly useful if you’re searching for a high-end auto paint service.

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