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Affordable Car Body Repair in Jacksonville, FL Cars are great investments because of their purpose. Having a car would enable you to drive anywhere at your own pace. Having problems with your car’s body like dents and scratches would ruin your car’s look. Letting these damages stay for a long time would damage your car all the more. The moment the body of your car gets damaged, bring it to Universal Body & Repair Inc right away for a car body repair service.


For more than 18 years, we have served the people of Jacksonville, FL and we’ve often received satisfactory remarks from our clients. Our car body shop is fully equipped with the state-of-the-art tools and equipment. We understand the importance of investing in reliable tools to ensure an efficient service. Your car is important to you and we want your car to be back on the road the soonest possible time. We take advantage of the latest technology in car body repair.


We use high-grade materials in repairing your car. Aside from getting a lasting result, we are also sure we will not cause any damages to your car while we are repairing it. Our mechanics went through the necessary training to provide a reliable service. You can entrust your car to their skillful hands. They use a tried and tested method when repairing your car. And with their keen eyes, you can be assured of a complete and thorough repair all the time.


We are licensed to provide our repair services, you can be assured we follow the regulations set by the government. You do not have to worry about your car since we are fully insured. Your car is protected by our insurer in case anything happens. This is only a safety net since our repair shop uses the latest security equipment.

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Let Universal Body & Repair Inc attend to your car body repair needs. Come and visit us at our shop in Jacksonville, FL or call us at (904) 641-1201 now to set an appointment.

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