How to Reduce Your Car’s Fuel Consumption with More than 50%

Tips on Increasing Your Car’s Mileage, Offered by a Reputable Automobile Repairing & Service Provider

With the price of petrol constantly on the rise, every car owner is now looking for all sorts of ways to save on fuel costs. Luckily, there are many ways to increase your car’s mileage. Some are more efficient than others; however, it definitely doesn’t hurt to try. As a reputable auto body & repair company, we would like to offer you some free advice on how to reduce your car’s fuel consumption.

Save up to 20% by Purchasing the Proper Type of Fuel

Use the right grade of gasoline for your car. Every type of engine is built to run more efficiently on a certain grade of gasoline. Check your owner’s manual to find out if your car runs better on premium or regular. Most cars, however, are optimized for regular-grade fuel. Regular gas is 20% cheaper than premium.

Save up to 30% by Altering Travel Practices

Use non-motorized options, public transit, buses, or even a bicycle if possible instead of riding alone in the car. Sharing a ride to work with a colleague is another effective way to save on your monthly fuel expenses.

Save up to 35% by Driving More Efficiently

Don’t drive aggressively. A recent study has shown that driving at the speed limit can reduce your car’s consumption by more than 10%. Avoid using air conditioning all the time. Auto AC units can increase your car’s fuel consumption by 13%. Idling is not a good idea either. Newer cars are designed to warm up very fast, so they don’t need to be idled before you drive them.

Save up to 50% by Bringing Your Car to an Automobile Repairing & Service Provider

Regular maintenance is the key to a fuel-efficient vehicle. By changing oil, filters, and worn parts on a regular basis, your car will run more efficiently and your fuel costs will definitely decrease. If you reside in Jacksonville, FL and are looking for a professional auto body & repair provider, contact Universal Body & Repair Inc at (904) 641-1201.