Pro Tips For Paint Care

Simple Auto Painting Care Tips

Maintaining and caring for your car paint is an excellent method to keep it looking fresh and great all the time. With proper care, you won’t need to have to go through auto painting so soon. Because with constant washing and polishing, you will be able to provide additional protection to your car’s exterior. Check out these few simple tips that we recommend to keep your car looking new and shiny:

Regular Washing

Regularly washing your car will keep dirt and debris from accumulating. If you wash your car weekly, it should be free of debris and dirt caused by driving every day. If you’re handwashing it, make sure to do some pre-washing to loosen all whatever that could possibly scratch the paint. And don’t use laundry or dish soap because they’re not designed for car wash and may even damage your paint job or strip its protective wax coating.


As stated previously, regular washing is important. Failing to do this is the most typical error car owners make. How regularly you wash and maintain your car really depends on how much you use it. Extra care and washing can never hurt your car, too.


If your car is not as shiny as before you first go, it’s time for some polishing. A car polish has micro-fine abrasives that will clean the car paint without damaging it. Not only does it protect the car paint, but it also protects it against the weather.

Bird Droppings and Honeydew

These droppings are very corrosive and if they stay on longer in your car, the damage will just get worse. Also, the sticky film that covers your car paint when you’re parked under lime trees is called honeydew. This film can corrosive to your pain in direct sunlight or heat, and the damage is not reversible. You’ll possibly need a new paint job or have it repaired by a professional.

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