Services You Can Get From an Auto Body Repair Shop

Types of Auto Body Repair Service

Whether you experience a minor or major accident, the car’s body will have damages. Depending on the extent of the damage, the car’s body will need to go through repairs. The repair’s purpose is to bring back the car to its pre-accident condition. Below are different types of auto body repair service.

Collision Repair Service

The collision repair that your car would need will depend on the damage that it got. Some damage from a collision could only be a scratch on the bumper. But there are also collision accidents that lead to major auto body repair. This repairs will usually take a long time since they involve a lot of processes.

Repainting Service

There are two types of car repainting service: one is repainting the entire auto body and the other one is repainting a portion of the car. This could be tricky especially if a portion of the car will only be repainted. The technician has to use the exact shade of paint or else the car will look like there are patches on it. When choosing an auto body shop, see to it they have the paint color matching equipment.

Car Polishing Service

Since the car is on the road a lot of times, it is only normal if it accumulates dust, dirt and bird droppings. These elements could lessen the luster of the car. Through a car polishing service, the car’s luster will be brought back. You will leave the auto body shop with a car that looks like new.

Dent Removal

Whether the dent is small or large, you should have the dent removed right away. If you do not attend to it right away, you might end up having a bigger problem. It could lead to a costly repair service. Depending on the dent on your car, the technician can either give you a paintless dent removal or the regular dent removal process.

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